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Slowly increasing the mileage …

Last week, I ran 64 miles.  I have been able to increase my mileage about 10 percent each of the last five weeks.  Now, I just need to keep it in the 60s.   No easy feat for this 47 year old, but if I want to compete at a higher level I need to put in more mileage.

I have been increasing the speed of some of my longer workouts … leaving my heart rate monitor in Maine has helped in that regard; I have not been as wedded to my HR as usual.  So, I managed to throw in a three mile spurt at 7:15 pace during a ten mile run and have run most of my moderate runs right about 8 minute pace.  I am still keeping the slower runs at about 8:20-8:30 pace.

I have found that my longer runs are still a struggle.  I just can’t seem to get my legs loosen up.  I have taken to doing some leg lifts at the end of runs in hopes of fixing that problem.  It seems to be helping a bit.  As usual, more stretching and attention to the things that are not running are what seems to be needed.

I am on pace for another mid 60s week even with a race on Thursday.  My goal is to break 20:00 for the 5k.  I have done this race in under 20 before, but that was about four years ago.  Last year I ran 20:53 or something like that.  It is not an easy course … a couple of killer hills.

At least I don’t have to travel and suffer the choice of being felt up by TSA people or being iradiated.  I am thankful for that!


Recovering …

My legs are still pretty sore and stiff from the 14 miler on Monday, so I ran 7 miles easy on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I am trying to stretch more but I have a ways to go.  A 60 mile week appears to be in the cards this week.  My goal and plan is to keep at 60 miles a week for the next few months if I can.

Today is another easy 7 miler with an interval workout on the MIT track on Friday.  I think 8 x 400 again; I want to keep doing the 400s for a couple more weeks, just to get back into the swing of doing track work again.  I might have some company on Friday … Dave of my running group said he might join in.  That would be nice.

I bought Once a Runner by Robert Parker last night on the recommendation of a few of the people in my running group.  I have Once Again to Carthage (the sequel) but could never get into it.  Perhaps reading the first one, which is supposed to be great will be the way to go.

Beautiful day here in Boston.

Long run Monday …

I have not been putting in many long runs as of late. Hell, I can’t recall the last time I did anything over 12 (I think it was just before Boston in early April).  I figure, though, that I need to get back to the higher mileage and more speed work to get myself competitive in shorter races like 5ks and 10ks.  I need to bulk up with some longer runs – runs over 12.  Today was a start; not a great start, but a start.

It was a 14.3 mile run that was none too pleasant at points.  I ran about 2:04:00 and suffered mightily through a couple of 8:50s for miles 9 and 10 (for the most part, I kept things at a sedate 8:30 pace).  I guess there are always those sections of runs (at 47) that just seem to suck. While I was trying to lift my lead legs, I thought to myself, “I really need to stretch more.”  Not the first time that thought has crossed my mind!  My hamstrings and hips were tight.  Lifting my legs at points during this run was way too difficult.   I felt like an old man, despite my new mantra that “old” is only in your head.  If you say you are young, you are!

Anyway, it is nice to have a long run done at the beginning of the week.  It really makes the 60 mpw target doable when you’ve already logged 20% of that total by Monday.

I think some of my struggles today stem from the fact that I ran at a pretty good clip for 9 miles yesterday.  I just don’t recover so quickly from that kind of pace.  I need to keep that in mind for the future.

I will also, at times, comment on music, food, politics, sports, whatever.  In that regard, the new LCD Soundsystem album, “This is Happening” is really very good.  I loved “Sound of Silver” but this may be even better.  Check it out.

If you are in Boston, you might want to check out Ben Folds at the Orpheum on Wednesday.

Nothing much cookin’ …

Easy run today; the weather was drizzly and cool, but not all together bad for a run.  Planning on 10-13 tomorrow which will put me at 50 or just over for the week.

4.0/34:20/8:28 pace/135 HR Avg

Picking up the pace …

Thursday’s run was 7.3 miles/56:58/7:47 pace/HR Avg 149.

This run went smoothly and I felt good.  I think I need more of these types of runs.

Today I was going to run my 10.5 mile loop but at 4 miles I felt a little tired and my legs, while they felt good to start, began to ache in the glutes and hamstrings so I just kept it easy and cut the run to a 9 mile loop.  I didn’t slow down at all but just decided I didn’t need to put in the extra 1.5 miles.

My legs felt very sprightly for the first 30 minutes of the run, but then got a bit tight.  Overall, I ran 9 miles in 1:10:33/7:49 pace/149 HR Avg.

I am doing more situps and pushups in hopes that my less than six pack ab belly will get a bit less jelly like.  I’ve got a ways to go, but gotta start somewhere.

Saturday will be an easy five and then Sunday a 13 miler.  That will put me at about 50 for the week.  Maybe a bit much but I feel okay.

Easy after faster …

Six miles this morning – started off easy and slow, 8:50 first mile but then managed the rest of the miles at under 8:20 pace.

Finished the run in 49:55 for an 8:18 average pace at 138 Avg HR.  Not bad.  The tightness in the hamstrings and glutes is still there but seems to be getting better.

I am deciding on going back to a Pfitzinger style program or a Daniels program.  I will talk to my coach about it, but I will try to analyze them and point out the differences for anyone who is interested.

6.0/49:55/8:18 pace/138 HR Avg

Feeling more feisty …

Monday was an easy 7.3 in 58:56; my legs were still a bit tight but felt pretty good overall.

I had a massage in the afternoon and things felt much better after that.  I awoke this morning very early (my wife had to catch a 6 AM flight) so when the kids left for school I had been up nearly 4 hours.  I stretched and went for another 7.3 mile run.  I felt great!  I could lift my knees and the HR felt good.  Needless to say, I decided to run a bit faster and pushed the HR up to the 150-155 range.  I felt smooth and easy as the miles passed by in 7:20, 7:35, 7:37, and 7:28.  I finished up easy with a total time of 55:37 at a HR Avg of 151 for 7.3 miles.

As I said in an earlier post, I think I need to get out of the sub 140 range a couple of times a week.  This is the start of that new phase.

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