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Sunday running …

Sunday is usually the day that people put in their long runs (I’ve switched my long run day to Monday, but sort of miss the camaraderie of the long Sunday run).  It certainly looked like it today.   I saw many people out their appearing to put in distance.  I often, however, don’t really think that people are running as far as they seem to be running.  When I see people running with those drink belts, it makes me think that they are putting in a 20 miler.  But, I look at them again and there is no way from their form or appearance that they are running so long.  Do people really need to drink gatorade for a five or six or even ten mile run?  I never drink on runs under 14 miles.  I’ve never really felt the urge (unless it is a particularly hot day during the summer).  So, what gives with the running belts and drinking gatorade for runs obviously under 10 miles?  Has the gatorade/marathon marketing machine convinced everyone to hydrate on even short runs?  Kinda silly.

Anyway, put in 8.8 miles at just under 8:00 minute pace.  I left my heart rate monitor at our summer home, so I can’t say what the heart rate was.  I do, however, think that I need to do some higher heart rate running.  My guess is that I was in the 143-147 range today.  Felt good and worked on being more of a forefoot striker.

Ended up with 59 miles for the week.  Not bad.  I feel pretty good.


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