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Turkey Trot was a hamstring failure …

Ran the annual turkey trot in Clinton, MA on Thursday.  My wife and son joined in the fun.  However, my fun ended just after mile one.

Things started off well, but I immediately sensed that something was up with my hamstring.  I let the usual masses go out way too fast and then started picking people off.  At the half mile mark I was in 30th place.  I went through the mile in 6:15 and felt really good.  My wind was much better then in the 5k I had run a month earlier and I was moving up in the field.  By the time I reached the top of the first big hill after mile 1 I was in 21st place and closing on a pack of 8-10 runners (I usually finish 9th-11th in this race) and was feeling good.  But, just as I started to make a move to close the gap I felt my hamstring knot up and I backed off real fast.  I could not keep on racing and jogged home at 7:45 pace.  I think I finished in 22:05 but I did not pay attention to the time (update – race site says 22:02 and 36th place – uggh).

Took yesterday off and will take today off as well, just to rest the hamstring up.  Obviously more stretching is needed and I am going to have to start doing some yoga.  I think my body can handle 60-70 miles a week but only if I put in the stretching that is needed.  Probably for the best that I get this stretching wake up call.

So, my mileage will drop back into the 40s this week because of this injury.  We shall see if I can edge it back up next week.


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