I am a married forty-four year old father of two. I started running more seriously again in March 2006 and slowly increased my mileage to a respectable 60 miles per week. I set a short term goal of running a fall marathon. I also, with thoughts about being modest about training and not trying to do too much (always my downfall previously when I tried to become a runner again), had in the back of my mind that I might try to run a sub 3:20 and qualify for Boston.

Things started out slowly. I increased my mileage from 25 to 30 and then slowly over the next two months got up to 38-40 miles per week. It was then I read about heart rate training and decided to give that a try; it was an effort to reign myself in and it worked. I did all my training at 140 HR or less. This was painfully slow but I got faster at the low heart rate, increased my mileage, and, most importantly, remained injury free.

By the end of July I was starting to run at heart rates above 140 and ran a 5 mile race in 32:48. Nothing spectacular, but a start. Next came a 10K in 41:11 and a half marathon in 1:32:48. I began to think about the possibility of a sub 3:20. I continued with some increased heart rate work but mainly just worked on building my aerobic base. With 15 years away from consistent running, I needed to build that. I did three runs over 22 miles and ended with a strong 25 mile run three weeks before the marathon that boosted my morale.

At the Cape Cod Marathon in October 2006, it all came together and I managed to run 3:17:58 and qualify for Boston. The race felt controlled the whole way, but I did struggle a little the last three miles. The next step was Boston 2007.

In preparation for Boston, I decided to follow Pfitzinger’s 55-70 mile a week program.  Things went very well and I was feeling very strong.  However, during an icy winter run in February I slipped and tweaked my calf.   I couldn’t run but thought it was only a cramp.  Days later, my calf had not responded.  I took some more time off and then tried to run again.  I managed four miles before it cramped up again.  Eventually, I went to the doctor who sent me over to the sports specialists at MGH.  Diagnosis – torn calf muscle, no way would I recover for Boston.  I was devastated.  Eventually, I was able to get back into running again and was back up to 50 miles a week in August when I felt another twinge.  This was not as serious but had me worried.  I took two weeks off with no running and started over again.   As I update this “about me” page, it is November and things go smoothly.  Boston 2008 is now the target race.  I think I was in 3:05 shape last year.  I don’t know if I can get back there again this year, but I hope to break 3:17 and run close to 3:10.

I have set an ambitious long term goal – be a top regional masters run at 50 (6 years away) and run a sub 2:50 by 50. I figure that if I blog about my running I will be somewhat accountable.

I will comment on my running and, from time to time, my views on the world. If you want to watch or comment on my journey, feel free.


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