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Nothing much cookin’ …

Easy run today; the weather was drizzly and cool, but not all together bad for a run.  Planning on 10-13 tomorrow which will put me at 50 or just over for the week.

4.0/34:20/8:28 pace/135 HR Avg


Picking up the pace …

Thursday’s run was 7.3 miles/56:58/7:47 pace/HR Avg 149.

This run went smoothly and I felt good.  I think I need more of these types of runs.

Today I was going to run my 10.5 mile loop but at 4 miles I felt a little tired and my legs, while they felt good to start, began to ache in the glutes and hamstrings so I just kept it easy and cut the run to a 9 mile loop.  I didn’t slow down at all but just decided I didn’t need to put in the extra 1.5 miles.

My legs felt very sprightly for the first 30 minutes of the run, but then got a bit tight.  Overall, I ran 9 miles in 1:10:33/7:49 pace/149 HR Avg.

I am doing more situps and pushups in hopes that my less than six pack ab belly will get a bit less jelly like.  I’ve got a ways to go, but gotta start somewhere.

Saturday will be an easy five and then Sunday a 13 miler.  That will put me at about 50 for the week.  Maybe a bit much but I feel okay.

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