Not so good …

The Boston Marathon did not go so well.  I finished in 3:31:09 – 14 minutes over my qualifying time and about 18 minutes slower than I thought I could run.  I am disappointed, but I survived.  Here is what I learned and how it went.

How it went:

First half in 1:35:55.  I was about 25 seconds ahead of my pace chart.  I was planning on a 1:36:20 and then a second half of 1:36:40 for a 3:13:00.  While the pace was right on, I could tell from how my legs felt that things were not going to go well.

At the downhill before the 16 mile mark my quads were fried and my upperhamstrings were very tight – they were not knotting up like in New Bedford, they were just tight and it was hard to keep the legs going.  The pace slowly slipped from 7:40s to 8:20s to 9:00s to even one 10:00 when I had to walk three times in a mile.  I just could not get my legs to move.  It was a painful experience.  I was surprised by how many other people suffered what seemed like a similar fate.

What I learned:

The first 13 miles are fast but take a huge toll on your legs.  Perhaps going out slower might have helped, but I really was not prepared for how much damage those first 13 do.  Next time I do Boston, I will have run those first 13 a few times and done better downhill prep work.  My legs were toast by the time I got to the uphills – I could not get them going – so all my uphill work was for naught.

There are a bazillion people!  It is really hard to get in a rhythm, especially when you are running mid 3:00 time.  I had never been in a race so large before.

The crowds were fantastic.  Next year I may put my name on my shirt.  That way everyone cheers for you – quite an emotional lift.

I missed my family at the points they were going to be.  This was really psychologically taxing especially around mile 19 when I really needed some kind of lift.

So, a bad day after all that training.  I just need to work a bit harder, get some coaching advice, and put in some more miles.   This is not the end, it is the beginning.

Oh, and I turn 45 today so I now only need to run 3:30.  I think I should be able to swing that.  Next marathon looks to be in Milwaukee in October.  Until then, I think I will do more racing this summer.  A couple of times a month, I hope.


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