Speedworkout …

Well, this is the first speedworkout for me in quite some time. It went very well despite the raw running conditions – rain, headwind on the home stretch, and a cool 40 degrees. After a two mile warmup this his how it went down:

  1. 3:09
  2. 3:06
  3. 3:05
  4. 3:05
  5. 3:06
  6. 3:03

Not a bad workout; the 3:03 was a little tough, but not that bad. This workout was a real boost. I feel very good and no problems with the calf or hamstrings. Things seem to be on track. Easy day tomorrow and then an easy 15 miler on Sunday.

Hmm. My old age must be setting in – I was supposed to do this workout next week and today was supposed to be a shorter speed workout (100 sprints just to get the legs going) and then a tempo run tomorrow.  Well, I already screwed up the taper!  Damn.  I will have to figure out how I am going to do this now.  Probably no tempo tomorrow and I will do this 800 meter workout again next week.


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