Last long run before Boston …

I did my last long run before Boston today. 20 miles in 2:46:48. It was an easy run until the last 3 or 4 miles, then it was more of an effort than I had hoped for. I think my body does not recover as quickly as I hope from harder runs, and the 3 miles at 6:45 pace were a good effort on Sunday.

I felt those miles on Monday when I ran only 4.3 miles in 35:00. While the HR was very low for this run (in the low 130s), my legs felt heavy. I just couldn’t get them to go any faster than a slow jog. I was hoping that today’s run might feel a little better and it did. But, overall, I think I would have had a stronger last long run if I had waited until tomorrow.

I couldn’t, however, resist doing my long run in the warm weather we had today – I mean, it was 60 during my run! It felt great.

Well, the training is mainly done. I just need to maintain and keep on stretching. I am curious to see what kind of time I can put in. I plan to go out at 3:15 pace and then see what happens the last six. If I feel strong I will try to bring it home with a vengeance. If things go like today, though, that won’t be the case, it will be one of those survival finishes. It seems so up in the air.

I recall that when I ran Cape Cod I felt very confident that I would break 3:20. I just knew it was in me. I have no idea what is in me this time. I will be surprised if I don’t run faster than my Cape Cod time of 3:17:52. Here’s to hoping for a good race based on a good taper. I feel like I’ve put in some good mileage – it could have been better, but I have managed to dodge a race canceling injury so that is an improvement.

I plan on easy runs of 5-8 miles for the rest of the week.


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