Wicked tight … but stretching has helped

My massage therapist ranked me on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being stiff as a board and 1 as loose as jello. I was an 8 or 9. Ouch.

Despite this insight into my slacker stretching, I have made a concerted effort to stretch and things are getting better. I ran 5 on Thursday and then 5 again on Friday. Both days my HR has been more elevated then I would like.  I have also been very careful the last two days about running slow to give the hamstrings time to heal – if that is possible to run and to heal at the same time.

I had another massage on Friday afternoon and that seems to have helped quite a bit.  The massage, coupled with my extensive stretching (at least extensive for me) and some ultrasound, have my hamstrings feeling much better. They are not perfect, but the are getting better and I am feeling pretty good about being able to run Boston at or near 100%.  You will notice that I now speak of both my hamstrings.  I have come to the conclusion that even though my left hamstring did not knot up, it was very tight and I had been unable to extend that leg fully during runs.  I think I compensated by putting more stress on the right leg.  Thus, the left leg issues led to the right leg problem.  One thing cascading into another.   Lesson – stretch everything more.

This morning I ran 9 miles at 8:15 pace and the last three were right at 8:00 pace. They felt easy and my hamstrings much better; not perfect, but still much, much better. I hope to run 12-15 tomorrow at a slow pace and then continue with moderate running into Thursday when I will try to run 5 miles at MP during a 10 mile run. If that goes well, then I think I will aim for a short race the weekend of April 5.

Then … Boston!


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