Massage, ultrasound, stretching and rest …

Well, after three days off, one massage (another scheduled for today) and other therapeutic measures, I finally ran again today.  The hamstring felt okay and held up for five miles at 8:30 pace.

I don’t quite know what to make of my conditioning.  During the run yesterday, my HR was slightly higher than I would have expected for 8:30 pace.  Usually it would have been 136-138 but it was in the 143 range.  This has been happening lately on easy runs – my HR higher than I would expect.  I am hoping that todays run will find it to have settled in at a lower level.  Does this mean I am fatigued or just not in the kind of shape I think I am in?  I don’t feel as fast as I did 2 years ago, but the New Bedford half time tells me that is not true. 

Maybe age is creeping up on me.  Two days after Boston I turn 45.  I want to be able to continue my improvement so that I can run 2:50 when I am fifty, but I don’t know if kind of time will be possible on 50-60 miles per week.  As I’ve said before, running over 70 miles a week seems to be a breaking down point for me; can I do that kind of mileage?  I think I need to try to but I am going to have to just be more careful about how I do it and that I stretch and work on my core conditioning.  The running takes up a lot of time, I don’t know where I will find anymore time to go and spend another half an hour lifting. At least I am healthy and have gotten myself into a place where that kind of time does not seem completely out of sight.  

Another relaxed run today, a massage, some stretching and then an slight increase in mileage this week.  I plan on bumping my last long run to the middle of next week and then work on my taper.  I need to look back at Pfitzinger’s guide to see how to work the taper.  I think I used his ideas for Cape Cod 2006 and I felt very good on race day then.  


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