Has it been this long?

OK … guilty of not posting. I see my last post was back in January. Well, things have been going along, a bit up and a bit down … but we will get to that.

1/14 to 1/20 – 72.8 miles

A good solid week with an 18 miler on Sunday; everything done at about 140-143 HR. Felt good but calf acted up at the end of the 18 miler.

1/21 to 1/27 – 41.6 miles

I had to take a few days off early in the week because I felt something in my calf at the end of the 18 miler and didn’t want to push it … stretched and stretched and stretched. Things felt okay and I did a 16 mile race in Derry. I ran the first 6 with a friend and then ran the last 10 at MP. It was a tough race – snowing and very hilly course but overall pleased that the calf held up.

1/28 to 2/3 – 51.7

Everything at an easy pace with a 20 miler on Sunday.

2/4 to 2/10 – 60.3

No long run but two 10 milers and one 14 miler. Feeling good.

2/11 to 2/17 – 38 miles

Did this mileage in 4 runs with an 18 miler; kids started their break on the 15th so I did not run over the weekend. We were way up in NH skiing, it was cold and roads are scary up there. After this ski trip my legs were shot and it took me about two weeks to feel better.

2/18 to 2/24 – 22.8

Felt awful this whole week; legs tight, hip sore, and felt generally lethargic and ill. Just managed to keep myself together.

2/25 to 3/2 – 61.8

Finally started to feel better and ran some harder stuff. I note that when I run hard it takes me about two days to feel like I could go hard again. I guess that is the age thing. Did an 18 miler on Sunday after two hard days during the week and this run was awful. I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish it. I planned on 22 but knew at mile 9 it would be a struggle to just get home from there. I was shot.

3/3 to 3/8 – 62.4

Finally started to feel better after the disaster that was my Sunday run. Did a hard day on Tues and Thursday – 5 miles at slightly faster than MP during two 10 mile runs. And, then did a 22 miler on the Boston Course with miles 12-20 at MP. Felt pretty good.

3/9 to 3/16 – 51

Backed off a bit at the end of the week in hopes of resting up for the New Bedford half marathon. My right hip and lower buttock have been tight and bothering me, but that calf seems good.The race went off as planned through mile 8.5.

I was on 1:30 pace exactly and was feeling good. I was hoping to go through 10 at 1:09 and was on pace for 1:08 when my right hamstring got tight. I have never had this problem before and I slowed down to a jog for about 200 yards and then slowly got back into a pace that felt comfortable and didn’t bother my hamstring. Needless to say, my time slowed because I ended up running 7:15-7:20 pace instead of 6:50-6:55 pace. I didn’t push it for fear of my hamstring. I ended up running 1:31:15.

I was pleased but I know there was a sub 1:30 for the taking that day.I have been stiff and tight ever since. I have taken three days off and hope to jog on Thursday. I had a massage on Monday, have another scheduled for Friday and am stretching a lot. It feels much better but I want to be very careful so that I can race Boston.So, that is how things are going. It has been an up and down 2 months and right now it is a down period with this hamstring. I don’t think it will keep me out like the calf did last year; I will do massage for the next two weeks, stretch, do ultrasound and keep the pace slow. I only want to do one more long run before Boston and then in a week or two do some short quick thing to see how the hamstring does.

Bib number is 7707 for Boston.

Here’s to hoping I get to use it.


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