Lull and then more mileage …

When last I posted, I was headed off before the new year. The trip was snow filled and I missed two days of running because of this. That was okay I guess because that whole next week I felt worn down and sluggish. I ended up running 50 miles the first week of the year and most of those miles felt pretty bad. I took Sunday and Monday off (12/30 and 12/31) and returned with this that week:

Tues. 7 miles – easy

Weds. 7 miles – 2 easy, 4 faster (7:49, 7:15, 7:22, 7:25)

Thurs. 9 miles – easy, legs dull

Fri. 5 miles – easy, legs dull again; I think the Weds workout took it out of me.

Sat. 16.5 miles – good run until last three which, surprisingly, were a big struggle.

Sun 4.4 miles – gotta rest; feeling beat.

So, last week was a drag. I felt tired and beat.  I don’t know if that was the product of my one hard day on Wednesday or just the build up of weeks.  I was hoping that a short jog on Sunday would help cure me.  And …..

it seems to have worked.  This week I put in the following so far:

Mon.  11.8 with the first five at sub 140 HR and the next five at sub 145 HR.  I did this with the Hadd article in mind.  Just starting to do some work at a slightly higher HR.  I figure my nearly six months at 140 HR is enough I can start speeding things up a bit.

Tues.  10.6 with a similar five easy and then five harder.  The harder five at a sub 150 HR.  Again, things felt good and it was nice to cruise at the higher heartrate.

Weds. 6.9 at a 134 HR which averaged out to 8:19 pace.  Not bad for an easy run.

Thurs. (today) 10.7 with a similar first five at sub 140 HR and second five at sub 150 HR.  I felt like I could have run the later five forever.  The pace was 7:35-7:45.  Legs feel good and I am feeling pretty good about things.

Friday will be an easy day and then a long run on Saturday, if the family schedule allows it.  So, without much effort I will put in close to a 70 mile week.  Not bad for this old guy.  Here’s to hoping the body holds up.


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