Nice and easy …

This morning I ran an easy 6 miles at 8:30 pace and 137 HR. Not much going on during the run; things felt pretty good and  I tried very hard to run very easy, in part because I have been a bit anxious about my calf. The last two days after my 15 miler my calf was feeling “weird.”   By this, I mean that it felt, at a couple of points during the run like it might cramp up.  During the day on Monday, it also felt tired and fatigued.   All this, had me worried about a recurrence of my calf tear.  But, after this morning, I feel better about it.  I ran very easily and felt nothing.  I think that the long run just had an unexpected impact on the calf muscle – it wasn’t use to putting in a + 2 hour run.

I continue to use the strengthening exercises prescribed by my sports therapist and the stick. This rolly thing really helps to loosen up the muscles. It doesn’t look like much, but I swear by it.

In planning ahead for Boston and thinking about a training regimen, I re-read the internet famous (or is it famous internet) Hadd article. If you haven’t read it, are interested in heart rate training, and marathon training, I would highly recommend it.

So, after another read of Hadd, I’ve decided to incorporate more of his training into my regimen. When I got hurt last February, I was well into the Pfitzinger 55-70 miles a week program.  While the training went well, it took a lot out of me.  I don’t know why, but I felt mentally drained during the latter stretches of the program; I think it was the two a days that were getting too much for me.

The thing about Hadd is that the mileage is done without two a days. I’d rather run longer in one session than worry about getting in two runs in a day. Anyway, I still think I am a couple of years away from running a sub 3:00 marathon and that I just need to keep building my base. Hadd seems to do that pretty well. Once I get back up into the low 50s for a couple of weeks, I will try to add in a long run in the middle of the week.  I think the key is running for more than an hour every day and putting in a 2 1/2 to 3 hour run on Sundays.  Also, I really felt like the 15 milers I did on Wednesdays in the Pfitz program, while grueling, added a lot to my base and mitochondria growth.  That seems to be the key to running a faster marathon.

I hope to put in 10 miles tomorrow.  We’ll see if I can squeeze it in.


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