Starting to put in more mileage …

The week finished off with an off day on Thursday, a 7 miler on both Friday and Saturday, and then a 15 miler on Sunday.

All of these runs went off without a hitch and my left calf is feeling pretty strong. I did feel it get a little tired the last two miles on Sunday. This caused me a little bit of concern, but this morning’s slow five mile run went well and no lingering problems with my calf.

All of these runs have been at the sub 140 HR range. The mileage for the week was 48.5, up from 45 miles the week before. I will try for 50-52 this week and slowly ramp up to 60 by the end of November. I really think the high mileage is the key to running faster. I just want to make sure I am smart about not overdoing it and keeping the mileage pretty easy. I plan on Boston 2008; hopefully, I will avoid the injury that kept me out of last year’s race.

I plan on keeping the low HR training up until the end of November; I will run a 5 mile race in Nashville, TN over the Thanksgiving break and perhaps a five mile race the weekend before. A friend/colleague of mine has adopted the low HR training method and has asked me to run a 5 mile race the weekend before Thanksgiving. I am thinking of doing it but have not decided. Two races in the span of five days might not be such a great idea. I just don’t know yet.

On a different topic, I tried to watch the Olympic trials marathon on Saturday, but since I have a mac computer I was shut out. I looked like even those people with a windows computer had difficulty logging on. It is really too bad that NBC couldn’t put the marathon on television or work some kind of deal with OLN to cover it. It looked like a great race. The death of Ryan Shay cast a pall over the whole thing; it is hard to believe that an elite 28 year old marathoner could collapse and die at the five mile point. Very sad.

While not finishing in the top 3, local New England runner Nate Jenkins ran a great race. He was followed by other local standouts – the Moulton twins, Casey and Patrick. Great runs by all. Congrats.


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