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A week later …

Not much to report.   My calf feels better every run, so that is a good thing.  My mileage last week was 45  with a ten miler on Saturday and an 11 miler on Sunday.  Both went well and I feel like I can start upping the mileage.

So far this week, I have put in a steady 5-7 miles each day at a low 136-138 HR. The pace is slowly coming down with an average of right about 8:20.  While that may seem slow, it is getting closer to where I was when I was in good shape last winter.  I think that more mileage is needed – and longer runs at the low HR to really jump start things.  I remember that when I did a 15 miler in the middle of the week, while tiring, it seemed to really bring me to another level after a few weeks.  I hope to get back to that in the next few weeks.

The NYTimes had an article on the Hanson Running Project – it was inspiring.  Just as the Hanson brothers suggest – more miles is what makes the runner.  I agree; I just need to be a bit more cautious about how I get there, the pace and effort I do them at.

Happy Halloween.


Been away a long time …

The last you heard from me, I was in Maine this summer, running along and doing fine.  I had completed a long 18 mile run around Eagle Lake and things were looking good.

My next stop on the road to recovery was the Northeast Harbor 5 mile run.  It was a very warm day and my warmup was to run the course in reverse and then do the race.  I did that.  The warmup was very easy and I arrived with about 20 minutes to spare.  I stretched and tried to relax.  The race went off without a hitch but it was not going to be a good day.  I started out (if memory serves) with a 6:10 mile and then things slowed down from there.   I didn’t have any way to run faster and I just slogged through, finishing in 33:20.   This was 32 seconds slower than last year.  My hope was to run what I did in 2006 so I was a tad disappointed.  However, my calf survived and I felt ready to start gearing up for a fall marathon.

This was not to be.  Despite doing more long slow runs and starting to drop the pace down while keeping the HR at 140, I came upon a Saturday morning run that did me in.  I was rushing to get out the door so I could finish the run in time to take the kids somewhere (I can’t recall where), so I didn’t stretch as much and failed to use the stick.  About 2.5 miles into the run, my calf knotted up.  Not really bad, but not a good knot.  I stopped and walked back.  I was jogging when this occurred and was only planning on doing a 5 mile run.

Well, this lead to a two week hiatus.  Lesson – always use the stick (I’ve been religious about it now).  I didn’t do anything for two weeks and then started with 1 and 2 mile jogs – real slow jogs.  After about a week of that, I was able to slowly build up the mileage.  Things have gone slowly, but I have been religious about the stretching, strengthening and use of the stick.  I think this will be a chronic problem that I will have to manage.  With any luck, it won’t happen again, but I think it will take constant vigilance on my part.

Here it is, nearing the end of October and I ran 10.5 miles on Saturday and 11.5 on Sunday.  I have been sticking to the 140 HR plan and intend to do that through the end of November.  My mileage the past few weeks has been 42, 35, 45, and 53.  This 53 mile week this week is the first time in a while that I’ve run all 7 days.  I don’t plan on keeping that pattern, but I wanted to just build the mileage up.

I’d plan on running 50 miles again this week, with a long run in the 15-17 mile range.  Again, low HR for everything.  The pace has been slow 8:10-8:30 pace, but I feel like I just need to keep on building the base and keeping the calf in control with slower miles.   I am hoping this will help build the calf up, rather than break it down.  My goal is back up to 60 miles/week by December.

As of today, my plan is to run Boston 2008.  I just need to figure out my race schedule.  I don’t think I will run a race until January.  I want to keep on building the base.

I hope to be better about blogging.  I was a bit depressed about the running after my September set back.  I hope I have gotten beyond that point.

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