The cool weather makes it easier …

I have been running pretty consistently the past month or so and the last five days of running in Maine have been very pleasant.  The weather was still a bit hot and muggy when we arrived last weekend, but things have cooled off measurably the last two days – highs in the low 70s.  That has made the running much easier.  I have managed to run 6 and 7 miles the last two days but the pace at sub 140 HR has been 7:55-8:20.  Not bad.

 This is what I’ve done the past few days.

8/11 9.0 miles/didn’t get the time off the Garmin and didn’t bring the upload cable.

8/12 14.1 miles/hiked 4.5 miles/pretty sore by the end of this day

8/13 Off

8/14 6.0 miles/50:26

8/15 7.43/1:00:27/very easy run with mid miles at 7:45, 7:54, 7:58, and 8:05

I think my calf is in good shape, but I must admit I am a bit apprehensive about running fast.  I plan on doing a speed workout tomorrow (repeat halfs) just so I can see how my calf responds to running at a quicker pace.  The goal is to run my first road race since the injury on August 25 – the Northeast Harbor 5 miler.  I ran 32 something last year.  I hope I can do that again.


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