Building the base …

Things keep chugging along. Right now I am in the build phase of my training; or, at least, that is how I imagine it. I am trying for 6-7 miles a day with a ten miler on Saturdays and a longer run on Sundays. Last weekend, I ran 10.5 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. I wanted to back off a bit on Sunday because I had increased pretty quickly from 13 to 19 in just three weeks. I was a bit worried I might be overdoing it.

I have not posted since the second; I have not had much interesting to say about my running (as if anything I say about it might be interesting). So here is an update on how things went. As promised, I kept the HR under 140, so things were pretty slow on the hot and humid days we had last week.

8/3 Fri 7.5/1:03:53/8:32 pace/138 HR
8/4 Sat 10.5/1:31:26/8:43 pace/141 HR
8/5 Sun 11.7/1:39:07/8:27 pace/139 HR

Week total: 49.9 miles with all runs in the mid to high 130s.

8/6 Mon 7.34/1:02:00/8:26 pace/138 HR
8/7 Tues 7.31/1:01:26/8:24/142 HR
8/8 Wed 6.0/53:06/8:46/136 HR

Tuesdays run was a weird run. My HR got really high at the end and I could not get it down. I thought the HR battery was croaking, but maybe it was just me. Then on Wednesday, the run was slower than I imagined it should be and I felt a tad run down; this may be that I had not taken Monday off as I usually do – I had to take Thursday off this week because my wife was leaving on a trip very early and I would not be able to get a run in. I think the HR monitor worked – it was telling me I was run down. So, it probably is a good thing to take today off. I guess us old master types need to keep this in mind. No way when I was younger would I have skipped a day because I was “tired” or feeling off. Age has some benefits I guess.

My plan is to keep the mileage around 50-55 mpw and to run a 5 miler road race on August 25. The same one I ran last year. I don’t think I am in the same shape, but you never know. I may try to squeeze another one in if I can find one. I still have not decided on a fall marathon, but I am looking in the October/November time frame – and not a big one.

We leave for Maine this Saturday, so my blogging may be even more sporadic than it is now; or, who knows, maybe I will find more time to blog. We’ll see.


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