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3 times around Eagle Lake

We got an early start today, so I hauled the kids and their bikes to Acadia and Eagle lake.  We did three laps (each lap about 5.75 miles per the Garmin).  There are some good uphills on the carriage path and despite the increasing temperature during the day the tree cover kept things manageable.  I was able to run at about 8:10 most of the way with a 140 HR but the last 4 were a bit higher – mid 140s to right around 150.  I also picked the pace up the last mile because I was ready to be done!

Most likely I will take tomorrow off but will do some sort of hike.  Cool weather is heading this way with highs in the low 60s.  Yeah, that should make for some good running.

I am interested to see how the Northeast Harbor 5 miler will unfold.  Will I be able to run what I did last year?   Certainly hope so.

8/17  17.86 miles/2:30:12/not able to upload Garmin info so thats it.


Testing out the calf with some speed …

So, as promised, I tested out my calf by running 4 x 800 meters.  I was going to do 5 but felt a bit spent by the end of the fourth one.

 I ran at the Ellsworth High School track at 9:15 AM.  Warmup was an easy 2 miles at 8:05 pace and sub 140 HR.  Then the halfs were done at 3:03, 2:58, 2:55, 2:56 with a 400 m jog in between.  Nothing spectacular but the calf held up well.

I was planning on running them all at 3:00, so I was pretty much there.  I could have done another one, but it would have taken a lot out of me and I didn’t want to overdo things with my calf.  I don’t know what to think about this.  There is no way I could run this pace for a full five miles – maybe a 5 k but it would have been very tough.  Looks like I should just plan on trying to run the same time I ran last year for the Northeast Harbor 5 mile road race  – 32:48.  If I do that, I will be happy.  Naturally, faster would be better, but after today’s workout I am doubtful I could do much faster.   Time and patience, my son, time and patience.

Tomorrow is a long run (from 14-18 depending on how I feel) around Eagle Lake (or is it Echo Lake?) with the kids on bikes riding with me.  Early morning departure with a late night of work tonight.

8/16  5.0 miles/37:42/4 x 800 m (3:03, 2:58, 2:55, 2:56)

The cool weather makes it easier …

I have been running pretty consistently the past month or so and the last five days of running in Maine have been very pleasant.  The weather was still a bit hot and muggy when we arrived last weekend, but things have cooled off measurably the last two days – highs in the low 70s.  That has made the running much easier.  I have managed to run 6 and 7 miles the last two days but the pace at sub 140 HR has been 7:55-8:20.  Not bad.

 This is what I’ve done the past few days.

8/11 9.0 miles/didn’t get the time off the Garmin and didn’t bring the upload cable.

8/12 14.1 miles/hiked 4.5 miles/pretty sore by the end of this day

8/13 Off

8/14 6.0 miles/50:26

8/15 7.43/1:00:27/very easy run with mid miles at 7:45, 7:54, 7:58, and 8:05

I think my calf is in good shape, but I must admit I am a bit apprehensive about running fast.  I plan on doing a speed workout tomorrow (repeat halfs) just so I can see how my calf responds to running at a quicker pace.  The goal is to run my first road race since the injury on August 25 – the Northeast Harbor 5 miler.  I ran 32 something last year.  I hope I can do that again.

Building the base …

Things keep chugging along. Right now I am in the build phase of my training; or, at least, that is how I imagine it. I am trying for 6-7 miles a day with a ten miler on Saturdays and a longer run on Sundays. Last weekend, I ran 10.5 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. I wanted to back off a bit on Sunday because I had increased pretty quickly from 13 to 19 in just three weeks. I was a bit worried I might be overdoing it.

I have not posted since the second; I have not had much interesting to say about my running (as if anything I say about it might be interesting). So here is an update on how things went. As promised, I kept the HR under 140, so things were pretty slow on the hot and humid days we had last week.

8/3 Fri 7.5/1:03:53/8:32 pace/138 HR
8/4 Sat 10.5/1:31:26/8:43 pace/141 HR
8/5 Sun 11.7/1:39:07/8:27 pace/139 HR

Week total: 49.9 miles with all runs in the mid to high 130s.

8/6 Mon 7.34/1:02:00/8:26 pace/138 HR
8/7 Tues 7.31/1:01:26/8:24/142 HR
8/8 Wed 6.0/53:06/8:46/136 HR

Tuesdays run was a weird run. My HR got really high at the end and I could not get it down. I thought the HR battery was croaking, but maybe it was just me. Then on Wednesday, the run was slower than I imagined it should be and I felt a tad run down; this may be that I had not taken Monday off as I usually do – I had to take Thursday off this week because my wife was leaving on a trip very early and I would not be able to get a run in. I think the HR monitor worked – it was telling me I was run down. So, it probably is a good thing to take today off. I guess us old master types need to keep this in mind. No way when I was younger would I have skipped a day because I was “tired” or feeling off. Age has some benefits I guess.

My plan is to keep the mileage around 50-55 mpw and to run a 5 miler road race on August 25. The same one I ran last year. I don’t think I am in the same shape, but you never know. I may try to squeeze another one in if I can find one. I still have not decided on a fall marathon, but I am looking in the October/November time frame – and not a big one.

We leave for Maine this Saturday, so my blogging may be even more sporadic than it is now; or, who knows, maybe I will find more time to blog. We’ll see.

For two days, a refocus on low HR

For the last two days, as I promised, I’ve focused on keeping the HR under 140. The pace has been slow (around 8:45/mile) but its been easy. I’ve run my 7.4 mile loop on Tuesday and Wednesday with total time of 1:03:32 and 1:02:50.

Not much to report other than that. I plan on keeping this up for another week or so to see how things progress. I might think about a race this weekend, but we will see how today and tomorrow play out.

Today will be an easy 5 mile run and on Friday I plan on a ten mile run. Not much more to say. Things progress, I think.

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