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A little twinge, but I hope it is nothing…

On my seven mile run this morning, I increased the HR to 155 for the last mile, just to see how things went. After about 3/4 of a mile, I felt a slight tightness in my left calf (maybe even a little bit of a twinge) – this feeling was in the calf/gastroc I tore in February – so, I backed off and continued in at an easy 140 HR pace. Nothing big but it does have me worried because in the back of my mind I fear a recurrence.

The slight pick up I did this morning is the first time I felt anything worrisome. I have done some other pickups on different occasions since starting back again and nothing happened. I worry that this thing may never be 100% healed and this may happen again and again. Then again, maybe I am overreacting to this feeling. But, as I sit here, I feel a soreness that I have not had since I came back in June.

I don’t know what to do about it except continued stretching and strengthening in hopes that the calf will eventually be 100%. Perhaps I am rushing this a bit and should just assume that I should only do slow, low HR mileage until mid August and not plan for any races until the end of August or beginning of September. I should also just get it in my mind that I will run a marathon this fall but not at a competitive clip; instead just work on finishing it at a controlled pace. I don’t know really how to gear up for a fall marathon without upping the mileage. I guess I need to change my mindset and just keep going slow. It is hard to do – I really want to start running faster. Agggg.

7/10/07: 7.3 miles/1:00:05/8:13 pace/143 HR Avg

Last week: 46.3 miles


Blogging lapsed but training progresses …

I have been very busy with work, kid duty, and general father/husband stuff so I have not been able to find the time to add to my blog. Additionally, I also have only been doing some general low stress trainining. The training has been going well – I ran 40 miles last week and am on pace for 45 this week. Here is what I’ve done the past few weeks (date/time/mileage/avg pace/avg HR):

Jul 6, 2007 0:59:30 7.37 8:04 148.0
Jul 5, 2007 0:50:59 6.07 8:23 136.0
Jul 4, 2007 0:42:11 5.16 8:10 132.0
Jul 3, 2007 1:01:35 7.35 8:22 139.0
Jul 1, 2007 1:29:03 10.47 8:30 138.0
Jun 30, 2007 0:50:22 6.04 8:20 139.0
Jun 29, 2007 0:50:28 6.02 8:23 137.0
Jun 28, 2007 0:46:08 5.38 8:34 141.0
Jun 27, 2007 1:05:14 7.33 8:53 149.0
Jun 26, 2007 0:44:19 5.51 8:03 139.0
Jun 24, 2007 1:01:26 7.28 8:26 139.0
Jun 23, 2007 0:44:26 5.35 8:18 139.0
Jun 22, 2007 0:44:44 5.35 8:21 142.0
Jun 20, 2007 0:45:59 5.49 8:22 142.0
Jun 19, 2007 0:43:50 5.31 8:15 142.0
Jun 18, 2007 0:30:03 3.70 8:07 139.0

Overall, I’ve felt pretty good. I had forgotten how the heat increases my HR (see June 27). The calf has felt better and better each run; in fact, today I actually ran a quicker mile at the end of my run to see how my calf held up. I ran mile six at a comfortable, yet quicker, 6:58. No problems with the calf, but I have lost a bit of fitness. Patience is the word though. My fitness will come back over time.

Anyway, that is how the past week has gone. I will try to run 12 or 13 this Sunday – I ran 10 last Sunday. If I keep up with that kind of progression I will do a 20 miler by the end of July.

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