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Hard to judge fitness when the weather is humid …

Saturday and Sunday went as planned – at least in terms of the distance.

However, I don’t know what to say about the pace. On Saturday I ran 10.5 miles in 1:26:41 which is an 8:16 pace. The problem with this was that my HR avg was 150. That is not good; I am really pretty far from being in the shape I want to and running at that HR is not going to help any. I need to ramp back the HR and just keep building the lower aerobic base.

On Sunday I doubled the trouble. I ran 19.4 miles in 2:47:14 but the HR avg was 148. And, to keep that pace at the end I ended up running in the high 150s to low 160s. Again, not good. Granted it was feeling pretty warm outside the last eight miles and they were downhill (I ran out the Boston course to the firestation and back), but still, I need to slow it down and build the slow base. I also expected to drop a few pounds after these two days of running and instead I actually gained a pound. I can’t figure that out other than I am not burning the fat I should be and that means I need to slow the pace down.

So, today I plan on 7 miles but at a slow, slow pace – under 140, no matter how plodding that feels. I am gettting too much ahead of myself and thinking about running faster. That is the recipe for injury. I need to keep my head on straight.


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