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Got to be flexible …

Marriage requires flexibility; it only took me about 13 years of marriage to figure this out. Today, was a day for flexibility. My wife usually takes Friday’s off so I figured I could get a 10 mile run in at my leisure. I could leave at 6:00 and be home by 7:30, she could head to work and I would be ready to go when the babysitter showed up at 8:30. Well, as we turned out the lights last night, I asked her if she was taking tomorrow off (another marriage lesson, people change their minds about things and don’t tell you unless you ask). No, she said, she wanted to work out. Okay, no 10 miler for me.

Instead, I ran my five mile loop (actually 5.3 miles) instead. It was a pretty good run; the morning was a bit hotter than others this week. I cruised along at @140 HR and decided at 4 miles to run one mile quicker, at @160-165 HR, just to see how that felt. The pace of that mile came in at 7:06. It felt pretty easy, but that was the pace I was hoping to run the marathon at in April. No way I could have done that for 26 miles. Maybe, 13 miles, but no way 26. I have a ways to go, more mileage to put in, and some hard workouts to do before I get back to that place. Oh well, it is a bit depressing, but I will get back there.

So, I plan on 10 miles Saturday and 19 on Sunday. It looks like some steamy weather this weekend, so I don’t expect that I will be running very fast.

7/27/07 5.3 miles/41:57/7:55 pace/147 HR Avg


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