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Getting in a routine again …

So, the last time I posted was Friday nearly a week ago. I managed to run what I had planned for the weekend – 10 on Saturday and 17 on Sunday.

Saturday: 10.5/1:27:36/8:21/141 HR Avg
Sunday: 17.5/2:23:18/8:12/146 HR Avg

Last week total: 56.4 miles in six runs

I ended up running the Sunday runner a bit harder than planned. I just felt pretty good and wanted to keep the pace quicker at the end. It felt good to finally run long again.

I then took Monday off and came back on Tuesday. The rest of this week I have run the same loop every day – a 7.4 mile loop up and around the Charles River. I think I am running a bit faster after the long run; at least, it feels like the long run has made some difference in my conditioning. That’s how I remember the long runs going. After each one I felt like I got progressively stronger; that makes sense.

Anyway, I have felt stronger this week and more like I am getting back into shape.

Tues: 7.4/1:01:42/8:21/139 HR Avg
Wed: 7.4/1:01:47/8:22/139 HR Avg
Thu: 7.4/1:00:50/8:17/141 HR Avg (a bit warmer today)

The runs have felt pretty good. The lower humidity has helped that. The plan is 10 miles tomorrow, 5 on Saturday, and 19 on Sunday.

Things are starting to shape up. And, if you notice, no comments about the calf.


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