And another one down …

More strengthening exercises (calf raises, double and single, side to side movement and jump rope) and some stretching today. Then, another 30 minute jog/run. Pace this time was 8:32, 8:22, and 8:41 with HR 138-142. Overall it felt very easy.

I am hoping that this easy running for the next week or so will be uneventful and that I can be back to 7-10 a day runs by mid June. I think everything is better – I’ve had no tweeks or other pains like I had when I first injured the calf. I am, however, still a bit worried about how it will feel when I run for over 45 minutes. During the period I thought I had recovered I could run for 40 minutes or so and then at about 45 minutes the calf would start to tighten up again. I don’t think that will be the case this time. I mean, it has been at least 10 weeks of recovery; I would hope that would be enough.

The lesson learned here is that I need to strengthen and stretch my calf muscles. I’ve always thought I had strong calf muscles, but I guess there is a different between muscular and strong. When I say strong now I mean flexible and strong. That is what I need to focus on so that I do not have a recurrence.

So far, no pain whatsoever. I feel fat and slow, but that will change with time. At least I’m not starting over again at my old fat weight. Now, my running is not a beginning but from a solid base point of a year of running – 10 weeks of down time due to injury isn’t that bad. And, for most of that time I cross-trained, swam and managed to maintain my weight (I think I only gained 5 pounds). I anticipate that the return to fast running won’t take that long. I just need to be careful about the mileage increase and focus on continued stretching and strengthening.


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