Rehab progresses …

Yesterday, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer at 130-140 HR. Today I did another 45 minutes on the elliptical machine. I did not do the rehab exercises yesterday; I am only supposed to do 5 days of rehab exercises per week. I did rehab on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Friday (today). I will do them on Saturday or Sunday and that will make five days.

I plan on buying a jump rope. That was one of the exercises added by Scott on Wednesday. I was surprised at how that really gets your heart pumping. Scott told me that it was a very good exercise, both aerobically and for balance; I believe it now. I plan on keeping that up.

The calf is feeling good – no pain whatsoever. I would normally start trying to run on it, but there are no plans of any running for another 3 weeks or so. With any luck, this strengthening and stretching rehab will cure the problem and I will be able to continue these drills going forward and avoid another such injury.

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my annual checkup. Well, annual in the sense that I should go every year but have not since 2004. Everything went well. My bad cholesterol is 202 (just a bit over the 200 that is the high end I should be striving for) but good cholesterol is 63 (which the doctor indicated is very good). He seemed to have no concerns about it and indicated that I was in good health. My year of running has put me in a good spot health wise. I just need to build on that from here on out. With any luck, by my next appointment in two years I will be down to 165 in weight (175-177 now) and running a sub 18:00 5k, sub 39:00 10k, and a sub 3:00 marathon. Good goals to shoot for.

The weekend beckons.


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