Rehab or bust and some baseball commentary …

I had some e-mail exchanges with the physical therapist I am going to see, Scott Waugh.  I think he works with the Red Sox.  He allayed my concerns about the muscle pull from the bone.  I spoke with the doctor’s assistant and I won’t hear from him until Friday due to his surgery schedule.   Anyway, it was a nice response from Scott.  He also indicated that since I was walking without a limp he didn’t see any reason for not swimming or biking.   I swam 3/4 mile yesterday and rode the bike for 40 minutes this morning.  It is hard to get the HR up to 140 on the bike without really working hard.  I managed to get it up there for the last 15 minutes or so.  I hope to maintain some fitness level and keep my weight were it is during this rehab period.

Monday’s appointment should give me some kind of sense of how long rehab will take and what kinds of things I need to do to prevent any kind of recurrence.

I have not said much about my love of baseball, but last nights events deserve some commentary.  I like Felix Hernandez, a young pitching phenom for the Mariners.  He one hit the Red Sox the other night.  Unfortunately, he had to leave last night’s game in the first inning with tightness in his elbow.  This could mean any number of things – another promising pitcher (Francisco Liriano for the Twins) had elbow problems last year and had to undergo Tommy John surgery.  I hope the same outcome does not await Felix Hernandez.

The interesting thing was the parallel the game took.  Mariners’ fans await a Felix outing with great hope.  Well, when he had to leave in the first inning that hope turned to despair.  The parallel to what happened in the game was quite something.  The Mariners were down in the ninth inning against the Twins closer, Joe Nathan.  Nathan is usually lights out but with the score 5-3 and men on first and second with two outs, Jose Vidro for the Mariners hit a single to right field that was misplayed.  The runner scored from second and the third base coach waived the runner who was on first (Adrian Beltre) to go home.  Beltre attempted to score but the right fielder cleanly threw the ball to the relay man, who turned and fired a strike to the catcher, who tagged out Beltre to end the game.   Hope turned to despair.  An unfair but fitting ending to the game.  This is why baseball is so great.


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