I’m back, but not really…

Well, I didn’t run Boston.  After my three weeks tour of aqua jog land, I tried a five mile run at 8:00 pace.   I figured that if I could do that then I might be able to give it a go.  Things went well until about 4 miles when I felt things tighten up.  Boston was a no go.

I continued to rest and use the elliptical trainer until April 15 and things just were not getting much better.  I finally decided to go to the doctor.  He told me I had a muscle tear and said I could go to a sports doctor (Dr. George Theodore) for further advice.  Dr. Theodore at MGH diagnosed me with a tear of the gastroc muscle (I am not sure but I thought he said I might have torn some of the bone off when I tore the muscle because he pointed out a sliver of bone or calcium in the muscle itself – weird).  Good news is that he said I do not need surgery.  I don’t know why that is if I tore the muscle off the bone; I have a follow up call into him concerning this.  I also want to ask him what kind of exercise I can engage in for the next week; I forgot to ask that of him and of the physical therapist I set up an appointment with on Dr. Theodore’s recommendation (I think they are both part of the MGH sport medicine practice).

The bad news is that I am out of commission for about 8 weeks (and maybe a bit longer – I may be able to start running again in mid June).  I think 4 weeks of no running and and 5-8 weeks of rehab.  I am relieved to finally know what the problem is.  I hope I learn a lesson here – do not self diagnose.  I could have kept this  cyclical pattern up for a while and never really fixed myself.   My wife told me to go to the doctor when this happened eight weeks ago but I was a bonehead and didn’t listen to her.  I mean really, that was stubborn.  Why do I have health insurance?  To consult with doctor’s who have some expertise I don’t.  Lesson learned, hopefully.

So, I am scheduled for my PT evaluation on April 23rd and hopefully will have a better sense of what I can and can not do in terms of cardiovascular exercise and also what needs to be done to avoid a re-occurrence (or a similar problem with the other calf).

In some ways the injury was a good thing (glass half-full kinda thinking here).  If I’d run Boston I would have most likely run a lousy time due to the weather and this injury would have cropped up at some other point.  Now, I can get the right advice about stretching and strengthening.  Yeah, right – that’s just a rationalization.  I really was bummed I couldn’t run Boston – regardless of the weather.  Well, 2008 is when I will run Boston and maybe with another year of running under my belt I will be able to come close to a sub 3:00 (assuming no injury issues).

So, I will start to post on my rehab.  Stay tuned.


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