For the next three weeks I am … Aqua Jogger!

Well, the calf is back to square one. So, I figure my only chance of running Boston – and at best this would be a training run now – is to rest the calf completely. I decided this was the only thing to do.

In the meantime, I discovered some stuff about aqua jogging. The Y that I belong to has the aqua jogger equipment (a flotation device that goes around your waist) and the pool. I read some articles and studies that indicate that many runners have used aqua jogging to maintain fitness while recovering from an injury and then running a race. I think Joan Benoit Samuelson did this before the 1984 Olympics. If I recall correctly, she had knee surgery about two or three months before the marathon and was still able to run and win. That is a pretty remarkable story and gives me some hope (ignoring the fact that I am 43 and recover much slower than Joan Benoit ever did).

So, the idea is to aqua jog in place of running. From the aqua jogging/running I have done so far it does not seem to place any stress on my achilles or calf. I began this new regime (my final hope for running Boston) on March 17. This is how things have gone so far:

March 17: 45 min aqua jog; 3/4 mile swim
March 18: 60 min aqua jog; 1/4 mile swim
March 19: 45 min aqua jog
March 20: 60 min aqua jog with a 10 min warmup and then 10 x 3 min hard pickups with 2 min rest in between.

The first three days were getting used to the aqua jogging and todays “run” was much harder. I really felt like I got my heartrate up and I feel the effort in my legs this afternoon. I think I need to run a bit harder on the days I don’t do pickups. I found an aqua program from Pfitzinger. Here it is.

This is the plan. It is my last hope at running Boston. Let’s see how it goes.


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