Boston is up in the air…

Well, I re-injured the calf this morning.  I had been running for four days and things were going well, but admittedly my calf was only feeling about 90% and I felt as if I went any faster than 8:00 miles it would knot up.  That is what it did today.  I am not back to square one but it is a definite setback.

Enough fooling around.  I plan on not running for 10 days – maybe more if need be.  Boston will not be a race, assuming I will be able to even run it as a training run, it will be a run just to do it.  I will run another marathon either in the fall or see how things feel and maybe run the Vermont City Marathon.  But, right now, I just need to get this calf problem fixed and it looks like rest is the only way.

I am bummed but I will get over it.  Maybe my body is telling me that it can’t handle 70 mile weeks and I should have been less ambitious and done Pfitzinger’s 55 mile a week plan.  Live and learn.  Right now, I just have to heal.  That is going to take some time.  With any luck I will heal in 10 days, jog for a week, run for a week and then run a relaxed Boston as a training run.  Oh, well.

I think I will look into doing some yoga and swimming just to keep the fitness level up and work on my flexibility.   This is a setback, but I will get over it.  Now, it is time to get better.  I don’t know how often I will post during this injury recovery phase, but I will try to do some posting.


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