Treadmill workout

I did not get to my run until the end of the day. It was cold and I didn’t feel like running outside in the dark so I went to the Y and did this run on the treadmill. I started out thinking I would just do 12 at a moderate pace on the treadmill. The first two miles were at 8:05 pace and I felt great. Like an idiot I decided I’d try to do the seven mile pickup that was scheduled during this run. This pickup was meant to be at half marathon or 15 k pace. I started out and ran the first three miles at 6:53 pace (1% grade) and then for the fourth mile I dropped it down to 6:47 pace. I felt strong and good but at the 4.5 mile point of the pickup my calf suddenly tightened up on me and I had to stop.

That was stupid. I should have just taken it easy and kept healing the calf. No, I had to be an idiot – sometimes I don’t think I will ever learn my lessons.

It does not feel as bad as it did this time last week but it is a setback. I will see how my run goes this afternoon. I will do it on the treadmill again so that I can control the surface and the pace. Today is supposed to be a six mile recovery but I will try to do more, probably around 10 or 11 if my calf can handle it. Sunday is a planned 22 miler. I hope I can do that, those long runs are important.

Apart from running we saw a great movie last night. I ordered Little Manhattan from Netflix. It is about a fifth grade boy and his first love. It really brought back memories of what that felt like. I highly recommend it.

2/23/07 6.5 miles/48:38/7:28 pace/163 HR


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