A slight improvement each day …

is nice to see.  This morning’s run was six miles and I actually managed, when there wasn’t a path of ice or snow, to run easily at 8:10 pace.  My calf still feels a bit tight but it is getting better.  It’s weird, the tightness seems to be moving up my calf and now is located right in the middle of the muscle.

It was warmer today, 29 degrees, or maybe I’ve just toughened up and that seems warmer.  I ran in shorts and felt just fine.  Something happened to me that hasn’t happened since my high school senior year in Florida or in my college days (when surprisingly this would happen often – most often in Florida; the women are more forward there I think).  Well, onto the story:  a woman, obviously delirious for spring, drove by me as I was running on the Mass Ave bridge, rolled down her window and hooted at me.  Can you believe that – hooted at a 43 year old guy.  My legs are sexy but not that sexy.   She must really need some spring so that she can see more men running around in shorts!   I admit, though, it made my day and made me feel good to be a runner again.

Tomorrow is scheduled to be a 12 mile run with 5 or 7 miles (I can’t remember offhand which) at 15 k pace.  I don’t want to push my calf right now so I am just going to run the miles and see if I can pick up the pace at some point.  I will have some time issues tomorrow so I may not be able to get this entire run in.

2/22/07  6.0 miles/50:59/8:27 pace/135 HR  (three of the miles were 8:14, 8:15 and 8:06)


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