Back on the roads …

I ran on the roads last night and this morning.  What a relief.  My calf feels markedly better but I am still taking it easy with the still icy, wet conditions that mandate a slow pace.  I have not had my HR over 140 for 5 days now.  I don’t think I will keep with the Pftizinger program this week but will just keep up the slow mileage to make sure my calf is recovered.  It felt much better last night and pretty good again this morning.  Not 100 percent but I’d say 85 percent and climbing. At the end of this 11 mile run my legs felt a bit tired and the calf muscle was tightening up a bit – not enough that I had to slow down but I was closely monitoring it so I would not have set back.

The runs:

Last night was the second half of a double recovery day (even though all of my days since last Saturday have been recovery days).  I ran 4.5 miles at 8:35 pace and felt easy.   My calf hardly acted up and it gave me some hope for a longer run this morning.

I got up early to put in some work before doing my running work.  I left the house at 7:15 am and went out for what I hoped would be a 10 mile run, maybe a bit longer (the schedule called for 15 but I thought that would be too much on the calf too soon).  I ended up getting in 11.5 miles.  The run was pretty slow because the conditions were sloppy and icy.   The footing was tough to manage, but it was much warmer and I ran in shorts with a long sleeve shirt under short sleeve shirt.  The warmer weather felt great and made up for running in slop.

This slow running has put me back with the slow running ache that is different than I’ve been feeling after Pfitzinger quicker runs and has me wondering if I should be putting in the tough mileage that Pfitzinger suggests.   Can this old body, just a year back into this, do 70 miles a week with some much harder mid week running than I did before Cape Cod?  I don’t know.  Maybe this calf thing is telling me to slow down and take the longer term view.  We’ll see how this week progresses before I make any radical training decisions with only 8 weeks to go until Marathon Day.

2/20/07  4.5 miles/38:46/8:36 pace/126 HR (second run)

2/21/07  11.5 miles/1:40:10/8:43 pace/128 HR


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