The tightness in my calf remains…

I was hoping yesterday afternoon that I could do a 15 mile treadmill run (even if such a long time on the treadmill would be extremely boring). However, when I got on the treadmill my calf tightened up and I worried I would not be able to run at all. I decided to take it really slow and started off at a plodding 11:30 minute per mile pace. My calf was able to handle this and I slowly creeped the time down every half mile or so after I felt my calf had eased into the pace and was controlled. At around mile 7 I got down to under 9:00 minute pace and maintained this through 9 miles. The last mile I was able to run at 8:49 pace. The calf was tight and felt on the verge of knotting up the whole run, but it held up.

I am worried about this. It reminds me of when I tore/strained my calf my senior year in college about two weeks before the Big East Championships in CC. Then I had a trainer and the time to deal with all the icing and other stuff they could do. Now, it’s just me and work and family. No time for any other stuff. About three weeks before the Cape Cod Marathon, the other calf felt like it was getting a knot. I went for a sports massage and that helped immensely. My wife got me a gift certificate to a Spa for a sports massage for Valentine’s Day so I will try to use that this week. Maybe that will do the trick.

This morning was another run on the treadmill. I feel like on the treadmill I can control the surface and it helps me with my calf. I managed 6 miles this morning and was able to start and finish at a much quicker pace. The first mile was 9:30 pace but felt much better than yesterday. I was able to ramp it down pretty quickly and ran the last mile at 8:12 pace. The calf is still tight but obviously not as painful or “on the verge” of knotting up as yesterday. Maybe this is progress.

2/19/07 10.0 miles/1:36:51/9:41 pace/125 HR
2/20/07 6.0 miles/51:13/8:32 pace/135 HR


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