Another 12 hours of rest …

My calf/achilles is feeling a bit better. It is still tight and a bit sore but nothing like it was two days ago. I am going to do my 15 miler in the afternoon. I am not sure what the roads will be like since the temperature is in the low to mid 20s so there will be no more melting of the ice or frozen snow/ice that covers nearly everything. I may need to do this workout on the treadmill. That will not be fun. The 10 miler I did on the treadmill was boring enough I can’t imagine adding another 40-45 minutes.

But, I am convinced that running on the ice is the cause of the strained calf/achilles. I only managed 42.8 miles this week, but since I will run today this week will be in the 85. That seems way too much but it is only because I switched one off day. I may ramp back the Wednesday run a bit (scheduled for 15) so that I don’t put in too much this week, what with a sore calf and all.

I will post after the pm run to update on my calf.

2/18/07 OFF
Week: 42.8 miles


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