Catch up – winter mess

Catching up on the last three runs (which have been done in about 36 hours).

Tuesday night was a 10 miler after work. It felt really easy. I ran at 8:12 pace and the average HR was 135 for the whole run – not bad. This one felt really good. The tiredness I felt about two weeks ago has receeded.

Wednesday was a mess. A snowstorm with snow, ice, and rain mix hit the area Tuesday night and continued all day Wednesday. I ran in the morning while it was snowing and icing. The footing was horrible and the wind was bad. All around unpleasant. I still managed my 9 miler with 6 x 600s at 5k pace (6:15-6:20 pace). While I wasn’t able to hit 6:20 pace (per the Garmin), the effort was at least 6:20 pace so I feel like I accomplished the goal of this VO2 workout. Instead of 600 meters I used .38 miles (that was my guess at what 600 meters would be on the Garmin). They went like this – 2:33, 2:40, 2:36, 2:31, 2:41, 2:42. The last two were into a good wind and the whole set was like running in deep sand on the beach. At the end of the run, the city works guys had cleared a path on the Charles and the footing difference was remarkable. If I’d had the that track to run on these would have been low 2:20s. Despite all this I felt pretty good about this workout – it was a mentally tough one and I managed it. I think you need these kind of days to boost your mental toughness.

On a side note, there were two people I always see running but we don’t really acknowledge each other during the run. This time both people waved to me and I waved back. I guess we were bonding over being out in that weather.

Today’s run was on the treadmill. My wife was looking out for me and urged me to run on the treadmill for fear I might hurt myself on the ice and snow covered surfaces out there. Instead of being tough guy and stubborn, I listened for once and ran 6.5 on the treadmill, everything under 140 HR. It was easy and not that bad. The ipod made things pass a little more quickly.

Tomorrow is an 11 miler. I may do that inside as well, it depends on how the sidewalks clear up today. It is pretty cold (sub 20 degrees) so there may not be much clearing.

2/13/07 10.4 miles/1:25:13/8:12 pace/135 HR
2/14/07 8.9 miles/1:18:27/8:47 pace/153 HR (6 x 600s – ice and snow mess)
2/15/07 6.5 miles/54:42/8:21 pace/138 HR (treadmill)


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