Later report …

Monday was an off day and my run for today (Tuesday) is not going to happen until this evening – negotiations with my wife.

Tonight’s run will be a general aerobic 10 miler, which I think I will do on the easy side because tomorrow will be a 9 mile run with 6 x 600 repeats at 5k pace (6:15-6:20 pace) with 90 seconds rest. This is the one hard run this week.

This week is labeled a recovery week in the Pfitzinger program guide, so I will take that at its word. The mileage is “only” 59 this week and the only hard run is this VO2 max run on Wednesday. Wednesday is also scheduled as a big snow day here in Boston – we will see if that really materializes.

I read a good interview on the Trail Runner blog. I can’t quite fathom running 100 miles; the guy who was interviewed was very articulate and down to earth. He didn’t sound like a running maniac with no life; in fact, he is an ER room doctor so he must have a lot going on. I don’t know how he does all the training that must be required for this type of running. I am having a hard enough time negotiating 60-70 mile a week training with family and work that I can’t imagine ramping it up much higher – let alone finding the time on the weekends to fit in a 10-12 hour race. You’d have to have someone there (family or some dedicated friend) to help at the end (if not along the way for moral support) or there is no way you could drive home safely.

Maybe it is the California culture and lifestyle that allows this kind of training. When we visited San Francisco last March it was really nice to run there. I can imagine that even though it is as dark during these dreary winter months, that the darkness is not quite as daunting for running when it is 50-60 degrees outside as opposed to 10-20 degrees.

I will post some more tomorrow about this evening’s run.


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