Getting back to slow …

Last night’s run was very slow – 9:20 pace slow with HR in the low 120s. I said it was going to be slow and I really meant it! I can’t say I enjoyed the run that much though. I am still tired and running at night is not when I am at my best. I guess I have become an early morning runner.

Today’s run was a 13 miler with a conscious effort to stay right around 140. I managed that and it was difficult at times to keep the HR there – my body wanted to go faster. I wonder if I’ve lost something (aerobic conditioning) from running slightly faster on my moderate and easy days – I don’t recall running 140 HR for 13 miles being so difficult, but it was.

I am also getting sick of the cold weather. The first 6.5 was into a pretty stiff headwind and it made the 27 degrees feel more like 10. I am getting tired of being frozen during my runs. I can’t wait for some warmer weather. Regardless, I got to the turnaround point and with the wind at my back things warmed up. I concentrated really hard on not going over 140 for the first 10 and then allowed myself a little leeway the last three, but still managed the whole run under 145 and right around 140.

Despite the easy run, it has not given me any solace that I can run this Sunday’s workout at the pace required – 7:15-7:20 pace. I think I need to run my easy runs at the 140 HR and not let them slip over the 145 point, at the highest. I have come to the tentative conclusion that I have been doing my moderate runs too hard. I don’t think my body can take this kind of effort after only a year of running again. 65-70 miles a week is a lot, what with work and family. I think I need to refocus on the easy/moderate days and not push those as I think I have the past few weeks.

2/8/07 6.2 miles/55:52/9:10 pace/122 HR
2/9/07 13.0 miles/1:49:56/8:29 pace/141 HR


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