Some extra hours of rest …

I was really tired from yesterday’s 15 miler. I decided that I would take an extra 12 hours of rest and do my six mile recovery run this evening. I plan on taking that very easy. Friday is a 13 miler that I plan to run at 140 HR and not push it because Sunday is a 15 miler with 12 at marathon pace. I want to give that my best effort.

As a consequence, not much to say in a post today. I would like to focus on one area of training – how fast or slow to run? That is what is concerning me at this point. Was yesterday’s run too fast? I am not sure, but it took a lot out of me.

Here is a quote from Lydiard:

one can run too fast or too slow and it is important to control the running efforts as well as possible if the optimum results are to be achieved in the time spent exercising.

So, how do you figure out if it is too slow or too fast? Lydiard says this as well:

It is necessary to understand that, while the object of training is to develop your anaerobic capacity to exercise, this can only be done in relation to your oxygen uptake level and capacity to exercise aerobically. In other words, it is necessary to run as many miles or kilometers as you possibly can at economic or aerobic speeds to lift your oxygen uptake to your highest possible level as the foundation upon which to base your anaerobic or speed training.To gain the best results for the time spent in training, it is important to run at your best aerobic speed: i.e. at speeds at a level just under your steady state or Maximum Oxygen Uptake.

Okay, so I understand that, but how exactly do you determine your Maximum Oxygen Uptake level? Is that when lactic acid starts building up? How exactly do you determine that? I have not figured out the answers to these questions, but it seems that it is important to know what that point is and get yourself to train just below it during the aerobic building phase. If anyone knows the answer, I’d appreciate the help. In the meantime, I will keep looking.


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