Increasing the pace on mid length runs …

I may be reverting to my days of old – that is, running too hard when I shouldn’t.  I will get to that discussion in a second.

Last night was my second recovery run of the day – 4 miles.  It felt very easy; I felt pretty light on my feet despite a day behind the computer.  The run ended up averaging 8:11 pace with a HR of 129; not bad.  So, with that in mind, I decided that I would run the 15 miler scheduled today at a stronger pace for the last 8 or so miles.

It was very cold this morning, so instead of heading out at 5 AM, I got up, made coffee, and did some work until 6:30.  I did some kid related morning routine stuff and was out the door at 7 AM.  The sun was up but it was still very cold (13 degrees) with a brisk wind.  The first half of the run was into this wind and it felt pretty darn cold.  I managed 140-143 HR and a pace of 8:00-8:20.  At the turn around point (not an out and back course but pretty close – just ran on the other side of the Charles River), I picked up the pace to 150 HR and eased it up throughout the rest of the run to 155 (I consciously decided I would not run over 155 HR).  The last three miles were not easy;  I felt tired but I concentrated on not going over 155 HR and was still able to run sub 7:50 miles.  Overall, the pace for the last 8 miles was below 8:00 with most of the miles in the 7:40 range (one mile was 7:30).  Overall, I felt pretty good but I was definitely more tired at the end of this run then usual.  Probably because I shouldn’t have run that hard after doing a pretty strong 20 miler on Sunday.  But, I get this notion in my head that I need to push myself harder and it is hard to get out of that frame of mind.

I feel a bit fatigued right now and need to focus on recovery the next few days.  Back to some slower pace recovery stuff so that I am in some way able to run marathon pace for 12 miles on Sunday – that is going to be a tough run.  I was thinking of trying to hold 7:10 pace for that workout but I am concerned that I will struggle to hold that pace for the entire 12.  Psychologically, that would be a downer.  So, I have decided that for Sunday I will run 7:20 pace to start and then try to drop it to 7:15 for the last six.   If I run 7:15 pace at Boston that will be just around a 3:10 marathon.  I probably shouldn’t try for much faster than that.  That will be an 8 minute improvement over Cape Cod.  I shouldn’t bite off more than I can chew – a nice progression from marathon to marathon should be just fine; and, should be sufficient motivation to keep it up.  This is supposed to be a long term endeavor and I feel as if I might be getting ahead of myself.  I have to keep reminding myself I am 43, not 27.

2/6/07  PM 4.2 miles/34:04/8:11 pace/129 HR

2/7/07   15.6 miles/2:04:28/7:58 pace/146 HR


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