Harder lactate threshold run …

As I indicated yesterday, I was going to run my 6 mile pickup without much regard to heartrate. I did that but wasn’t really able to go much faster than 6:50 pace for the 6 miles. Here is how it went down.

Got up at 5 AM to fit the run in. Started off slow and easy 9:06, 8:18 and then started the six mile pickup at 15k to half marathon pace (in my mind 6:45-7:05 pace). The splits (with avg HR) were:

6:50 165
6:51 170
6:50 172
6:53 174
6:58 175
6:56 178

Now, I am not real pleased with these. I thought I would be able to run low 6:40s at those HRs. I guess I am not in that kind of shape. Since I ran a half before my fall marathon at 7:03 pace I expected I might be a bit improved with my increased training. As of yet, it doesn’t seem to be showing up. No way, right now, I could run 7:10s for the entire marathon – at least not based on these results.

Am I expecting too much? Do I just need to do some racing to get in better condition? I don’t know the answers but I am puzzled with the results. I know I should just take in stride and just keep building but I was really hoping to see a nice lowering of my times. I have not seen that yet. These times strike me as rather slow and pedestrian. I hope I am wrong and it is just the start a new “mesocycle” (as Pfitzinger describes it). Maybe I’ve built the endurance but I have not conditioned the muscle fibers to run at a faster pace for an extended period of time. I’ve got some work ahead of me.

My question to myself now is do I do the 15k race on Sunday or do the scheduled long run of 20? With this workout I don’t expect I’d be doing anything much faster than 6:50s during this 15k. I could have kept the 6:50s up but it would have taken a solid effort from me. Do running 6:50s now help me (physically and psychologically) or hurt me? I need to decide that tomorrow.

2/2/07 11.0 miles/1:25:18/7:43 pace/157 HR (with 6 mile pickup at 15k to half pace)


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