Big weekend mileage …

I last published on Friday after running 8 miles instead of the 11 planned.  I decided to flip flop my Friday and Saturday runs because of the cold weather and my lack of preparedness for it.  So Saturday was an 11 mile run with 10 x 100 meter strides at the end followed on Sunday by a 21 miler.  Here is how it went.

Saturday’s run went well.  I ended up doing 12.1 miles because I didn’t really figure in the strides at the end of the run – that adds about another mile to the run.  I ran most of the run at 8:00-8:15 pace and the HR was mid 140s.  I, surprisingly, felt easy and strong.  This time I had a ski mask on, two pairs of running pants, two layers of gloves for my hands and two long sleeve layers under my Asics all weather top.  I was nice and warm – the temperature was about 9 degrees so still cold, but not as cold as Friday.  I was a bit tired by the end but managed to run the strides strong – they were more than I thought they would be.  But, as I’ve said before, I think they are important for being able to get my legs into a different gear when the harder lactate threshold runs show up in the next few weeks.

Later that day, I went with my son to the Reebok Boston Indoor meet.  It was amazing.  I will post separately on that and see if any of the pictures I took are decent enough to upload – I am not much of a photographer.  But, sitting in the stands for three hours didn’t do much for my legs.

After Saturdays run and sitting in the stands of the Reggie Lewis Center, I was a bit worried about how I would hold up for the long Sunday run.  I am happy to report it went well.  I ran the Boston course – out 10.5 miles from my house and then back (my 10.5 miles put me at the top of the first hill just after you go over route 128 so I ran the last three hills).  This ended up being a pretty good uphill start because the down from the top of heartbreak hill is pretty good, so when I went out in 8:20-8:40 pace for the first six miles I was not too concerned.  I ran easy with a HR in the high 130s to low 140s (the sixth mile was pretty much uphill so my 145 avg HR was not that big of a deal).

I managed to then keep the next five miles at 8:00-8:15 with a 142-144 HR.  That put me at the turn around and I picked it up a bit.  I know that as the mileage gets up there on the run I just can’t keep the HR under 150 – hey the body is working and it requires more pumping.  The next 10 miles went like this (with the first 4 including the three hills on that stretch of the course):

  1. 8:11/148
  2. 8:01/151
  3. 8:05/153
  4. 8:14/154
  5. 7:49/155
  6. 7:57/153
  7. 7:57/155
  8. 8:00/160
  9. 7:49/160
  10. 7:32/163

I felt very good and finished strong.   I was not totally spent at the end and felt like I could have kept that pace up pretty easily for another five miles.

I am very pleased with how the week ended.  Today is an off day of recovery and Tuesday is a double (the first one of the schedule) but listed as recovery – 6 in the AM and 4 in the PM.  I will try to run the PM run by running home from work.  We will see how that goes since I have not run in the evening in quite some time; I rarely start a run later than 9 am and I wonder how my body will react to running in the evening – something I used to do a lot of in high school when I lived in Florida.  In Florida, you’d wait until the sun went down during the summer so that it was a bit cooler.  Even at night, the humidity and heat were tough.  Those days seem forever ago when I run in 9 degree weather.

1/27/07  12.1 miles/1:38:35/8:08 pace/147 HR  with 10 x 100 mete strides

1/28/07  21.1 miles/2:52:21/8:10 pace/147 HR

Week total:  71.6 miles


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