Coldest day in two years …

Wow, it was really cold this morning. I had loaded up and thought I would be warm but I went out without a ski mask or something to put over my face. That ended up being my demise. I planned on an 11 miler this morning. I had to get up early because I was driving the kids to school at 7:25 am. I hit the road at 5:15 am and managed 2.5 miles into the wind. It was 4 degrees when I left and with the windchill I imagine it was 10 below. My face was really freezing and my legs were also getting cold (I had on only a pair if Hind stretchy pants) when I turned around and headed for the treadmill. I figured that the 2.5 more miles into the wind that I had planned might lead to frostbite on my face. I dont’ know if this was an overreaction but it was really cold and I hadn’t fully prepared. So, I headed by home and did 3 more miles on the treadmill at 8:00 pace with 2% incline. I didn’t have a HR monitor because I was wearing the Garmin and I don’t think it works if there is no satellite signal – I could be wrong on that.

Due to time constraints I lowered my 11 to 8 and will do 11 tomorrow instead of the plannned 8. Sunday will be a 21 miler. I expect I will feel some good fatigue on Sunday. The weather should be in the 20s tomorrow and 30s on Sunday. Better.

Wednesday was a 14 miler that went well. I felt good with a bit of fatigue in the hips the last two miles. Thursday was very easy recovery run of 5 miles at 8:45-8:50 pace.


I have been listening to podcasts on my way to work and have stumbled upon Phedippidations at this site. Episode 80 was very interesting with a discussion about how George Sheehan influenced and inspired Steve to run. It was a great listen and inspiring. Check it out.

On another podcast front, I used Garageband (I have a mac at home) to record a project for my daughter. We read a scene from Aristophanes, The Frogs in both Greek (my wife was a classics major so she helped with the pronunciation of the original greek that I found on the web) and English. The kids were pretty excited about the project. My point is that the process was really simple. Maybe I will get into podcasting. I don’t know, though, what my focus would be – running, the law, baseball, music, etc. I will see how this blog goes before I try to expand. For whatever it is worth, though, Garageband is pretty cool and accessible.

1/24/07 14.4 miles/2:00:05/8:20 pace/151 HR

1/25/07 5.3 miles/47:07/8:53 pace/129 HR

1/26/07 8.25 miles/1:07:06/8:08 pace/HR unknown


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