Slippery running …

It’s hard to believe that we had our first snow of the year on January 22. It wasn’t much, but there was snow on the running path that made traction difficult. At least, that is the excuse I am using for not being able to run at 6:50 pace for my 5 mile pickup.

Today’s run was a 10 miler with 5 miles at 15k to half marathon pace. This should come in at between 6:50 and 7:00 pace. Needless to say I couldn’t do that at a 165 HR.   The 5 mile pick up went like this – 7:18 (160), 7:13 (163, 7:08 (165), 6:59 (167), and 7:08 (168).  That is not what I was anticipating for a result for this workout.

This surprises me but as our long ago Partiot Coach Bill Parcell’s would say “You are what you are.” And I guess that means I am not as fast as I’d hoped. I really thought I would be able to run faster at this pace but I guess I am fooling myself. I need more of a base to be able to drop my marathon time from 3:17 to 3:05. I might not even have enough to get to 3:10. This may be my own obstinancy. I used to run fast and I should be able to get back there in a year. Nah. It’s gonna take longer then that and I’d just better get used to that reality. Enjoy making progress and don’t expect too much to come back all at once. That should be what I focus on.

Maybe I will run a race soon, just to see where I am at. One race can’t hurt. It isn’t like the whole training program will get out of whack. I need to get real and stop worrying about how fast I can run Boston and just focus on staying healthy and getting better.

1/23/07 10.5 miles/1:22:06/7:49 pace/151 HR


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