Relationship between distances …

I reviewed the Hadd article again and read the section about how you should have a good relationship between distances. The article talks about how when you double distance your pace should increase 15-17 seconds (approx). The point is not precision but getting a general sense about your relationship and your aerobic conditioning.

When I look at my times from the last year it shows that I still need to work on my aerobic conditioning.

5k – 20:00/6:26 pace
10k – 41:11/6:37 pace/should be 6:42 pace
Half -1:32:48/7:04 pace/should be about 7:00 pace
Marathon – 3:17:52/7:32 pace/should be about 7:18 pace

So, this makes me think that I still have some aerobic base building to do. That doesn’t come as a great shock since I’ve only been running again for about a year. This does make me think though that a 7:10 pace marathon may be too ambitious.

I guess, though, that doing some racing will give me some new fitness points for evaluation. I think I can do a faster half and I do think my 3:17 at Cape Cod was on a rough day.


In terms of planning some races I note that Pfitzinger has 3 races scheduled – Week 6 to go, Week 4 to go, and Week 2 to go. It is interesting that he schedules races on Saturdays and then no recovery but straight into long runs (18, 18, and 17). Most races are on Sundays for some reason, but I have found 2 races for two of the Saturdays. I may, though, just switch the long run to Saturday and race on Sunday – not resting at all for the New Bedford Half.

Here are the races:

Sat, March 3 – Quonset Point 10 miler in North Kingston, RI

Sat, March 17 – Holyoke St. Patrick’s Road Race (10k) in Holyoke, MA
Sun, March 18 – New Bedford Half Marathon

Sun, April 1 – Cohasset Rotary 10k

I am leaning toward the New Bedford Half just because I like the distance and the next week is a 10k.


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