Recovery week ends …

Sunday’s run was a medium long run that ended a week of recovery. I feel pretty good but I do feel as if my HR is up. Anyway, I ran 7 miles out and back on the Boston Marathon course. I figure that since I live in Boston I might as well take advantage of my ability to become familiar with the course.

The run out was into the wind and uphill – I ran between 8:10-8:25 pace which was high 130s to low 140s. I turned around at was just shy of mile 20 of the course, which is where the last serious hill on the course is – heartbreak hill. This, though, is not the last hill on the course. I think that some of the slight upgrades (particularly right at mile 25 when you cross over the Massachusetts Turnpike) will exact their toll.

The last seven miles of the run were 8:12, 7:43, 7:38, 7:44, 7:33, 7:39, and 7:58. Most of these were in the high 140s which was probably harding then I should have been running. The downhill, though, just pulled me along.

I do wonder about the HR training. Should I still be focusing on staying around 140? In the Hadd article (which I don’t think the link to it works anymore), the training schedule for “Joe” his easy days ranged from 140 to 155 HR. Is this because Joe is younger than I am? If so should my days be 135-150? If that is true then I should be running more runs in the high 140s which is what I have started to do. “Joe’s” schedule though rarely called for runs over 160; that is not the case for me when I run Pfitzinger’s 15k to Half marathon pace – that is in the mid 160 to low 170 range.

This gets me confused. I want to make sure I am running hard enough but not too hard, and easy enough but not too easy; brilliant thinking there, right?

Anyway, I think I am going to try to keep things around 140 and then not worry too much about ending in the low 150s on longer runs. I think, though, my recovery runs of 5 miles should be in the mid 130s – that seems easy but not silly.

Today is an off day.

1/21/07 14.3 miles/1:54:08/7:54 pace/147 HR

Week total:  56.8 miles


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