Doing the strides this time …

So far, I have blown off doing the strides that Pfitzinger suggests in these early in the week general aerobic runs.  The last temp0 run I did, I did not feel like I could get the legs turning over.  I wondered if that was associated with my excluding these recommended striders.  I concluded that I should add them back in and today I did.

At the end of my moderate 8 mile run I added in 10 x 100 meter strides.  I was a bit worried about my right hamstring, since it is still tight despite the day off yesterday.  I held back a bit on this run and took the first few strides easy, concentrating on form more than speed.  The hamstring felt okay so I picked up the pace a bit after the first three.  They went by effortlessly and it felt good to get the legs running fast and lifting the knees.  And, by the end, my hamstring felt better – go figure.

I have been wondering about my long runs and what kind of effort to put into those.  As I already posted,  I ended up running the last six miles of my 20 miler this past Sunday harder than I wanted – at least in terms of HR effort; but, I felt pretty good with the pace of those final miles in the 7:30s to 7:40s.  I did a bit of looking into the use of the long run and came across this article from McMillan.  I had read it before but I feel a need to rehash these things.  I don’t plan on doing this two types of long runs suggested by McMillan mainly because I think that the races that Pfitzinger throws into the training program will serve much of this purpose.  The article did make me think though about the purpose of the long run – be out there a while so that you train (1) your body to burn fat and get used to running when tired and low on fuel and (2) your mind to deal with the fatigue.  I think last Sundays run accomplished both things.  And, as I have already noted, the mental part of that run will most definately help me in April – heartbreak hill is an accomplishment, but only one milestone on the way to the finish line.

Sometimes, though, I wonder if there is too much information out there.  It makes me second guess if I am running hard enough to race a marathon at 7:10 pace.  But, then I remind myself that I just need to stick with the program.  After this one attempt is complete then I can evaluate how my body deals with the stresses and workouts of that program. I can then adjust how I train afterwards, not in the middle.  You have to trust a little in the program.   I need to remember the goal is not just running faster this year but getting faster over the next ten years.  That will require patience, recording my runs and thoughts, and then analyzing the results with a critical eye (probably what a coach is needed for).  Anyway, onward we go.

1/16/07  9.0 miles/1:15:25/8:23 pace/143 HR

including 10 x 100 meter strides; I would also note that the HR monitor was freaking out the first mile and had my HR at 165 up until about the first mile – I wonder if there is some electronic interference in that area because this happens more often than not.


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