Marathon Course …

Yesterday, I ran the last twenty miles of the Boston Marathon course. I am glad I did. The first of four hills begins at 16 miles and the last one ends at 20 miles (approx.). I realize that many people might think emotionally that the hard part is over when they crest the last hill, but really the hard part is just beginning. It is a long way in from the top of heartbreak hill to the finish and I can see how people might suffer an emotional letdown thinking the hard part is over. I don’t want to make that mistake.

I didn’t find the hills that overwhelming, but they do come late in the day and they are long. The last one is very big and long. I didn’t feel the downhill pounding I have read about but I am sure race conditions are different.

I felt good this whole run, but I ran with too high of a HR for the last ten miles. Much of the last 6 miles were in the 160-165 range and that was not part of the plan. Also, my right hamstring tightened up the last six miles and it is still tight today. I guess I need to work on my abs – isn’t that what can have an effect on the hamstring?

It looks like we might actually get some cold weather this week. That will be odd; I hope I can adjust to that (sub 20).

1/13 5.3 miles/44:32/8:24 pace/133 HR
1/14 20.7 miles/2:48:40/8:07 pace/153 HR
1/15 Off

Week total: 66.0 miles


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