Building the base …

This morning’s run was more mileage. I felt it a bit today – I have had three medium long runs in four days and the last two miles of today’s run felt more difficult than usual. Also, my heartrate was up a bit for the pace. I managed to do the 12 miles that was set out for today (actually only 11.8) but the pace was a bit slower than usual. Instead of 8:00-8:15 for most miles the pace was 8:05-8:30 and my heartrate was mid 140s most of the way instead of low 140s.

I don’t think this is bad, I think it is just my body telling me that it is a bit fatigued from all the running. But, I think I need to get to this feeling in order to get to the next level. This Sunday’s 20 miler should only add to that fatigue but hopefully my body will adjust to it and the efficiency will come a few weeks down the road. I hope so and hope it’s not just wishful thinking on my part.

In terms of races to run in preparation for Boston, I was going to run the Derry Prep 16 miler.  But, when I went to sign up I discovered the race was filled (they only take 750 applicants – better sign up earlier next year). So, in its place, I will do the Stew’s 15k in Lynn, MA on February 4 and the New Bedford Half in March. That should be a sufficient amount of racing I think. I may try to hop into a short race next weekend just for the sake of getting my legs going a bit faster. I will, however, have to think about how that fits into the training regimen – it might not be that good of an idea to do a short fast workout during this mesocycle (Pfitzinger term for this base building cycle); perhaps the shorter stuff might be better a  bit closer to the marathon. Are two races sufficient for my prep for Boston? I did three for Cape Cod, progressing along the way: 5 mile, 10k, half.  Any thoughts from the ether?

Whatever I decide there is one good thing happening. I have managed to get below the 175 weight barrier. I was down to 173 this morning. I have not been going out for lunch (which is usually a salad and bread), but instead I brought my lunch this week, including lots of fruit. That seems to have made a difference.  On top of that, we have cut back on dessert after dinner and my wife has planned the menu to include more healthy dishes.  That, probably, is the greater factor in what is making the weight loss possible.

1/12/07 11.8 miles/1:37:22/8:16 pace/145 HR avg


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