Easy recovery …

My run today was for recovery purposes. I ran an easy 5 miles but ran my usual recovery run loop backwards for a subtle change of scenery. I need to find some new loops to do – one’s that have different surfaces and modulations. I think this will require getting in a car though so I won’t be able to do this except for some weekend runs. I have a 20 miler planned for Sunday and I hope to run a part of the Boston Marathon course; despite living in Boston I have never run on the course and have no idea what the hills are really like. I figure I might as well take advantage of my location to really get to know the course. That can only help.

My weight seems to be creeping down a bit. I have focused on my intake and that has helped a bit. I really need to get below 170 to get back into a real runner look. I’m getting close.

I feel as if I have overcome the fatigue I felt last week and am ready for the mileage increase, but one never knows. 12 miles tomorrow and 20 on Sunday may alter my feeling about my conditioning. Or, it may give me a huge mental boost if I am able to handle these two workouts without much of a problem.

I was looking at Maffetone’s website about running slower to get faster and noted that my Maffetone HR does correlate pretty closely with the chart he has posted. I wonder how long it will be until I can do the 140 workout at a 7:30 pace. I also wonder if my Pfitzinger training is have a negative effect on my Maffetone HR. I am not going to change that now but I do expect to do another two or three months after Boston at the low HR that Maffetone suggests because I still feel like I need to increase my aerobic base.

1/11/07 5.3 miles/45:50/8:39 pace/131 HR avg


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