Plugging along …

Monday was an off day after my long central park run.

Tuesday was a 9 miler with 4 mile pickup at 15k to half pace (6:40-6:55 pace). I felt okay during this run but just couldn’t seem to get my legs going fast enough at a 165 HR. My 4 mile pick up felt good. My wind was good, I just couldn’t get my legs going that fast. The splits for the 4 mile pick up were: 7:10, 6:59, 7:06, 6:45. It wasn’t like this was hard I just couldn’t get myself into a faster pace. This makes me think that I shouldn’t be blowing off the strides that are recommended about once a week. Maybe my legs need to get that turnover to make these harder runs easier to get into.

Wednesday was a long 14 mile run. I got home late from work last night (10:00) and wasn’t really in a good frame of mind for this run. I ran too easy to start but then things clicked and I managed to run pretty easy at 7:45-7:55 pace for the last six miles. These longer runs seem a bit easier and less daunting. I am worried about being able to run 7:10 pace for the marathon. We will see how some races shake out before thinking about an adjustment to 7:15 or 7:20 pace.

1/8/07 Off
1/9/07 9.2 miles/1:12:22/7:51 pace/148 HR avg
1/10/07 13.7 miles/1:51:52/8:09 pace/142 HR avg


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