Recovery …

Today’s run was a struggle. I don’t know if it was due to a bad night of sleep or just the fatigue associated with upping my mileage to the mid 60s this week. I am in week 14 of the Pfitzinger plan and that will mean a 62 mile week. That is close to my high before the Cape Cod Marathon (65 miles). But, this is a stretch of increasing mileage weeks – 62, then 65, 55, 69, 66, 66, 59, 70. That is really going to tax my system and I am concerned about whether I am ready for it.

As to today’s run – it was an 11 mile run that started off very poorly. I felt like I could not work hard to get my heartrate over 140. I know that sounds odd but getting my heartrate up or pushing myself to get it up was a struggle. The miles clicked by at 8:30 until mile 4 when I ran the rest of the way between 8:05 and 8:15, but it was not easy. This has me a bit concerned what with an 18 miler on Sunday and than a lactate threshold run on Tuesday, a 14 miler on Wednesday and a 12 miler on Thursday. This has the makings of a difficult and fatiguing time. With that said, I thought I would read up on “Recovery” and figure out if I need more.

Pfitzinger says that “Fatigue for a couple of days after a hard training session isn’t necessarily a sign of overtraing.” Question – are long or medium long runs considered hard training sessions? I wouldn’t think so.

When you train above your zone needed for training improvement you are in the realm of “overreaching.” “Overreaching occurs when a runner violates the hard-easy principle and strings together too many days of hard training without allowing the body to rest between these sessions. The muscle fatigue you experience when you overreach is most likely due to glycogen (carbohydrate) depletion, and when this happens, you simply need time for metabolic recovery; a few days of easy training combined with a high-carbohydrate diet should quickly remedy the situation.”

But, there may be other reasons – life reasons like lack of quality sleep, dehydration, and work or other stressors. You need to eliminate or deal with these stressors. I think that should be my first area of correction. Drink more water and sleep better. The work stressors are not really going to go away in the next two months or so.

I can see how an experienced coach who understands you could be very helpful in this area – in figuring out what is causing the “bad” running or the tired running. But, I don’t have that so I will have to figure it out on my own. More of this discussion will follow.

1/5/07 11.1 miles/1:32:45/HR 139/8:18 pace


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